Encanto Park Grand Plan

Encanto Park’s history, character and constant service in providing diverse citizens with green space and recreation makes it a perfect target for significant Phoenix Parks and Preserve Initiative investment. With a thoughtful plan, an investment in Encanto Park will expand its appeal, highlight Phoenix’s history and generate pride (and revenue) for the entire Phoenix community.

Once termed the “crown jewel” of Phoenix Parks, Encanto Park opened in 1935 and remains one of our most heavily used city parks. Families and groups have been gathering for generations, ensuring the constant use of its sport and play facilities and the steady reservations of its group areas. It holds a unique role in Arizona and Phoenix history as it is located at the center of the metropolitan core and, along with the Fairgrounds, at the crossroads of the state’s most significant commercial intersection. Enhancing Encanto Park to meet the demands of our vibrant community means infrastructure investment that considers its heavy usage, builds handicap access, enhances security, simplifies maintenance and considers future development of the State Fairgrounds. A revitalized Encanto Park will welcome visitors and inspire community pride as we celebrate our Centennial year in 2012.

Basic Access -- $6,000,000
Restrooms - New multi-use facilities near Sports Complex, Boat House area and Amp Island
Pathways - Repair walkways to eliminate hazards, cover berms and provide slabs for picnic tables
Parking lots - Resurface and realign parking to maximize space and security
Shading - Build shade structures for ball field, tennis courts, playground and maintenance facilities
Signage - Install entry signs and architectural features integrating the entire Encanto Park campus

Recreational Activities -- $8,000,000
Sports Complex – Merge pool and sports complex areas to increase programs and maximize security
Pool – Remodel and create revenue-generating, year-round pool facility
Enchanted Island – Restore, rebuild playground, install permanent fencing and create a water feature
Golf – Install fencing and netting to replace decaying features and begin course restoration
Picnic – Build ramada for Amp Island to increase rentals with flexible capacity for large and small groups

Historic Preservation - $6,000,000
Signage - Standardize park elements to expand appeal and highlight historic character
Clubhouse – Renovate interior and restore 2nd story meeting room and terrace to original design
Patios – Renovate patios and restore pond features
Survey – Evaluate Norton House, Boat House and the Ranger building’s histories
Red Bridge – Renovate historic bridge
Paint – Paint historic buildings

Maintenance -- $4,000,000
Water – Dredge lake and canals and upgrade water filtration
Water Reclamation - Evaluate modern campus-wide water systems
Turf – Continue turf and irrigation systems repair
Paint – Eliminate decaying conditions, protect historic lighting and create uniform color scheme
Trash – Install permanent trash bins throughout the park and design efficient collection area
Tractor – Purchase a multi-purpose tractor with mower, gannon, front bucket, aerator and backhoe
Workshop - Build workshop and employee washroom

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Dear All,

Thank you all for your service to the community

I would like to humbly suggest three additional items:

1-A walking/running path around parameter of the entire park (where possible to ideally include the parameter of the golf course)

2-A fenced section w benches for a doggy-run park

3- Benches for parents in the immediate vicinity of the playgrounds

Thank you much,
GuruRoop K
Welcome GuruRoop ~

Thank you for these ideas, we keep dreaming better and bigger as more people share! Following are my initial thoughts about these suggestions and I hope others will comment as well.

3- Benches for parents in the immediate vicinity of the playgrounds
br />Thanks to our wonderful park management, new benches are already in progress The new style is depicted in the tennis court picture and one of these has been placed inside, in the sand, at the large pool-area playground. The new bench has led to a marked improvement and should be carried forward as the middle poolside playground gets new equipment in the sand between the swings. The seating wall circling the large shaded playground near the Clubhouse could also eventually be augmented with new benches circling the outer pathway.

2-A fenced section w benches for a doggy-run park
Unfortunately, I do not believe a dog run is likely for Encanto Park. As I understand the lessons about dog parks, they require large spaces for parking and ample room for many dogs, and people, to gather. I think the site considered for a dog park in our area is Steele Indian School, as it has festival-level facilities and is in search of additional uses and users.br />

1-A walking/running path around parameter of the entire park (where possible to ideally include the parameter of the golf course)
The park already hosts dozens of runners daily, adding a running path is a terrific idea. I think we should incorporate at least one soft parameter path into the Grand Plan and investigate the golf course options. There is also an idea for improved bicycle parking that must be addressed into the plan.

Please share any questions and comments. Thank you!


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Donor Information and Design Plans

To support our efforts, please use the following donor form: FoEP Donation Card 2010.xls

Encanto Entrada - plans and concept renderings.pdf
Designs by Vollmer & Associates, thank you!

Little Red Bridge design modifications.pdf
Designs by Structural Grace, Inc., thank you!

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