I am concerned about the shortened hours for the city pools. We have been swimming at Encanto since the mid 70s; my daughters learned to swim there. My granddaughters and grandson, ages 7, 6 & 4 swim there often altho they have home pools.

I believe the hours must be changed and that pool remain open on the weekends in August and, hopefully, in September. This summer was a grueling, miserable summer and I don't think citizens of the hottest city in the country should be deprived of swimming time because the City doesn't know how to handle a budget. I also believe that with the great swimming by Michael Phelps, people are very exciting about swimming and want to learn it and want to swim in large pools like Encanto Pool.

Swimming is great for the body and the mind and it is something you can do all your life; learning to swim can save lives.

I think it is criminal that we are deprived of this wonderful sport. We have had 7 weeks this year -- that is all. The pools were closed for a week to 10 days to the contaminations.

Preventing contaminations must be done correctly. It took 5 days after the pool opened at Encanto for them to put up the signs about contamination in Spanish. Apparently the City people never checked to see if all the signs were up. What is the matter with these people? Also I understand two other pools were negligent in putting up the signs in Spanish.

I believe that there should be no diapers in the pool and they cannot make exceptions. It is a disgrace that we all suffer for the actions of a few and the City is to blame for not being tougher.

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